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Missionaries | Local Missions

We have supported missionaries in Canada and overseas and look forward to sharing about them with you soon.
You can learn more about any of these missions and their stories by clicking on their name bellow!


Downtown Windsor Community Collaberative ( DWCC ) - Bob & Margo Cameron

The Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative is a network of friends committed to the renewal of the downtown area. 
Some live in the Parish; others support the renewal from outside the boundaries. All are committed to it becoming "a great place to grow up in, and a great place to grow old".

Downtown Windsor is bounded by the River to Giles, Howard to Caron.  In that 4 sq km are 16,000 people living in 25 neighbourhoods.

Young Life Canada

Young Life leaders are committed to friendships with kids - no strings attached. Leaders spend time with kids playing road hockey, going to the mall, watching a basketball game, heading to the ski hill - leaders go to where the kids are and enter their world.  We are all about communicating God's love to kids in terms they can understand. We welcome all teenagers; both junior and senior high, regardless of race or religious beliefs. Young Life values and respects all young people, and strives to make them all feel welcomed and accepted. 
Lighthouse Project


Children and adults who receive an education have broader opportunities for life and career. The ability to earn an income allows them to provide for their families of origin as well as their own children and spouses, which can ripple outward to transform whole neighbourhoods and the larger international community. 

Video - Lighthouse Project Overview

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1880 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, ON. L5J 1J7 (see map)
(905) 855-5001